2001 06/02 - 2001 06/30

Ground Floor

Ground Floor has been the first exhibition since the OCAC gallery was officially founded. As the third presentation in a series of New Force in Art Base, which was renamed as Open-Contemporary Series during the third display, it’s organizers invited 35 artists to execute the designs for the physical exhibit space; the creativity and deliberation were applied to the walls, the floors, the pillars, the ceilings in the washroom, the windows, the signboards and so on. Conducted in a rented 1424-square-feet room located at an alley side in Banqiao District, it shows the discussion of environmental art through the interaction between the site and the works as well as the reciprocal effects among the pieces created by different individual artists.


Artists : Bai Yuhong, Zhu Shixian, Shi Yuxuan, Shen Yizheng, Shi Yuedong, Zhuang Zongxun, Chen Jiaren, Huang Qishun, Huang Rongzhi, Cai Yingling, Liu Yuming, Luo Jingzhong, Su Yizhi, Shi Yanjun, Shao Qingwang, Wu Shanglin, He Zhijun, Zhou Wenqin, Lin Yuzheng, Xiao Yuping Liu Yanhong, , Zhang Genghua, Pan Wenkai, Huang Chunzhen, Zhang Junyi, Zhu Xianxu, Du Xinru, Shi Yongjun, Yu Zhongyi, Xu Yahui, Li Banyun, Li Guocheng, Zhang Yanyu


  • 2000 05/07 - 2000 05/15

    Art Base - New Form II −(54.5M × 4.5M × 9M)

    Art Base - New Form II was curated for Hua-Shan Art & Culture Park, titled with the physical room measurement of (54.5M × 4.5M × 9M) in the ex-beer factory space, adding a minus sign in front. The curatorial form sits outside of having an exhibition themed with social values or some kind of literary framework.

  • 2004 01/01 - 2004 12/31

    Non - Nationalisme

    Would it be possible that the school training manipulates the thinking in creating art of those who accept academic education? Non-Nationalisme discusses no issue about races in nationalism. It bases on the art education to meditate how life experiences from different backgrounds influence people’s sense of beauty...

  • 2001 01/01 - 2001 12/31

    The Sculpture Realm of Tomorrow

    Another feature topic in the exhibit is the first Taiwan Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition. It discusses the problem about the art performance and the education in Taiwan’s contemporary sculpture. Various forms of art works are demonstrated in the exhibit; they are of metals, soft sculptures, mechanical powers...