2003 03/08 - 2003 03/30

Open - Contemporary Art Center 6, Politically Correct Installation Art — Witnessing the Contemporary: Log into Focus

We launched this project in response to the invitation of the Art Site of Chiayi Railway Warehouse. The curatorial project follows the trajectory of the Taiwanese contemporary art world and reflects its present conditions. In particular, we investigate the creative methods and thinking concerning installation art. A total of 22 artists — each with an aim to describe their conditions and environment using their unique artistic vocabulary — will participate in the exhibition. The works are hand-made reflections of organic textures and artistry, such as stages constructed using sculptural concepts. They are also installations based on photography, video, and ready-made objects, as well as other installation works — all made using sound as their source material — that encourage participation and interaction with the audience. Additionally, we look at household objects made by females and observe their traces of labor. By doing so, we may observe social conditions and investigate and question the political correctness of installation art. 


Artists:Zhu Shixian, Zhu Xianxu, Wu Youwen, Zhou Wenqin, Shao Qingwang, Qiu Xuemeng, Hou Junming, Hong LiyongXu Yuxiang, Mei Dingyan, Chen Chiajen, Chen Kaihuang, Chen Jiahong, Kuroki, Huang Chunzhen, Huang Rongzhi, Liu Youcheng, Liu Yuliang, Liu Baicun, Zhang Huilan, Zhao Shichen


  • 2013 02/01 - 2013 02/01

    THAITAI FEVER - STAGE 3 | how to fix a leaky roof in rainy days

    All things are impermanent, carry on decaying and vanishing toward an oblivion and non-existence condition. While we accept and compromise the deterioration, we keep in mind about maintenance, not for a neat appearance but to expand the relationship between human, among scattered forms, and to overcome the conscious mind which was fully engaged.

  • 2001 06/02 - 2001 06/30

    Ground Floor

    Ground Floor has been the first exhibition since the OCAC gallery was officially founded. As the third presentation in a series of New Force in Art Base, which was renamed as Open-Contemporary Series during the third  display, it’s organizers invited 36 artists to execute the designs for the physical exhibit space...

  • 2009 09/26 - 2009 10/18

    POST.O : The Reverse of TOPOS

    The curatorial project “POST.O” was presented in multiple locations: Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, Garden City Publishers, Atelier New Day St., and Shitiping tribe, Hualien. There were 13 individual/group of local and international artists involved. Besides exhibition, there was also a cruise action.