2003 03/08 - 2003 03/30

Open - Contemporary Art Center 6, Politically Correct Installation Art — Witnessing the Contemporary: Log into Focus

We launched this project in response to the invitation of the Art Site of Chiayi Railway Warehouse. The curatorial project follows the trajectory of the Taiwanese contemporary art world and reflects its present conditions. In particular, we investigate the creative methods and thinking concerning installation art. A total of 22 artists — each with an aim to describe their conditions and environment using their unique artistic vocabulary — will participate in the exhibition. The works are hand-made reflections of organic textures and artistry, such as stages constructed using sculptural concepts. They are also installations based on photography, video, and ready-made objects, as well as other installation works — all made using sound as their source material — that encourage participation and interaction with the audience. Additionally, we look at household objects made by females and observe their traces of labor. By doing so, we may observe social conditions and investigate and question the political correctness of installation art. 


Artists:Zhu Shixian, Zhu Xianxu, Wu Youwen, Zhou Wenqin, Shao Qingwang, Qiu Xuemeng, Hou Junming, Hong LiyongXu Yuxiang, Mei Dingyan, Chen Chiajen, Chen Kaihuang, Chen Jiahong, Kuroki, Huang Chunzhen, Huang Rongzhi, Liu Youcheng, Liu Yuliang, Liu Baicun, Zhang Huilan, Zhao Shichen


  • 2004 12/18 - 2004 12/30

    Technology Art

    I - Image: technology arts often explore the forms and qualities of images combining technology based machines. To support the re-representation of images we often have to work the computer as an engineer. While constructing, the intervention of tools and new softwares development, and the complex machine languages and image formation become the subject of artmaking.   

  • 2003 12/09 - 2003 12/28

    Maybe, A Suggestion About Contemporary Ink Painting : A Platform for Residence and Travel

    In this group exhibition, artists will investigate everything within a physical space as the suggested title, in how it can be a “resembled” reality: not an objective reality. It should have organism that is filled with elegant temperaments, as if “filled with intangible essence”, even mixed with poetic ingredient as on-site intervention.

  • 2016 07/09 - 2016 07/10

    CO - TEMPORARY : Southeast Asia - Taiwan Forum and Exchange Program on Arts and Culture

    We invite six essential art spaces from Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, which includes artist residency organizations, galleries and artist-based spaces. The common issue is that how the conditions of different countries, religious, culture, economy and geography influence the ecosystem of art.