2014 01/01 - 2014 12/31

One Work Exhibition Project

Our One Work Exhibition project perpetuates the objective (spirit/aim) with which Open-Contemporary Art Center was founded. We introduce contemporary artists who possess a creative vocabulary by having them participate in year-round alternative exhibitions, in which a single piece is exhibited at a time. We invite curators to select the works of five or six artists for every exhibition — each lasting from Tuesday to Thursday. During the exhibition,  artists conduct dialogues with the audience by inviting them to speak. Through conversing with other artists, the creators may re-examine their works. Also, following the conclusion of all exhibitions, we will invite professional art critics along will all participating artists to hold a large seminar concerning the project series.



One Work Exhibition 1:

Huang Qishun, Zhu Shixian, Zhuang Zongxun, Du Xinru, He Yusheng, Huang Rongzhi

One Work Exhibition 2:

Hong Li Rong, Fang Yanxiang, Wang Guanting, Zhang Zhian, Gao Shiting, Zhan Xiulan, Su Yushen

One Work Exhibition 3:

Liu Youcheng, Liu Yanhong, Huang Chunzhen, Chen Meiling, Chen Jiaren, and Cui Guangyu



One Work Exhibition 4:

Dark wood, forgot to forget, Mu people, Xu Yuxiang, Lin Yuzheng, Li Ruhuan, Tu Shuo-feng, Shi Yongjun

One Work Exhibition 5

Zhu Xianxu, Lin Xinhong, Xu Yuxiang, Chen Jiaren



One Work Exhibition 6

Zhuang ZW, Fan XL, Xu JY

One Work Exhibition 7

Wang Hexuan, Cai Yuqi, Yang Qinzhi, Liu Jiyi

One Work Exhibition 8

Zhan Shiyi, Xiao Shiting



One Work Exhibition 9

Lin Youda, Wen Peiru



One Work Exhibition 10

Zou Yizhen, Qiu Yufen, Xie Wenjuan, Jiang Jiaqi, Hong Shihui, Liu Yu


  • 2004 01/01 - 2008 01/01

    OCAC Lecture

    Introduction to The Contemporary Lecture Room The Contemporary Lecture Room is one of the academic activities of Open-Contemporary Art Center that focuses on essential lessons concerning the visual arts. The majority of the lectures are given by OCAC members.

  • 2013 06/22 - 2013 06/22

    Exhibition, No More? OCAC : The flow of noise breaking

    Between 2011 to 2013, OCAC went through a special trek in zones of Thailand-Taiwan. This is not only the exchanges between people, concepts and practices, but also finding new definitions in the possibilities of an art space. After returning from South East Asia, we not only continue the contemporary art exchanges between Thailand-Taiwan

  • 2015 05/30 - 2015 05/30

    Maqué, ma Cail

    An Intuition, special taste for the unexpected, will take shape through a game with the situation through performances, readings or other interventions. The main goal of this process is to immerse ourselves in uncertain positions opening a new way of thinking: the forms’ analysis built by encounters, exchanges and hospitality in that case. My project comes from a perception.