2015 07/03 - 2015 07/03

Baan Noorg : Day OFF LABoratory - Alternative Interdisciplinary Art by JIANDYIN

day OFF LABoratory or OFF LAB is a Pilot project - alternative interdisciplinary art program operates by Baan Noorg, based on post-studio and participatory practice. It functions as a dynamic program to develop contemporary art and cultural production. OFF LAB's first project: Pop-up Community History Museum (Model study for Nongpho community) was launched in May 2014. This year, it will follow with 365 Days : LIFE MUSE (Model study for Nongpo community’s foreign labours) that will begin in August 2015.

--Baan Noorg is a non-profit institution in partnerships between jiandyin, Sakarin Krue-On, Hsu Chia Wei and Lo Shih Tung, found by Pornpilai and Jiradej Meemalai aka jiandyin since 2011. Baan Noorg is located in Nongpo District, Ratchaburi, Thailand

SPEAKERs: jiandyin 


  • 2015 04/21 - 2015 05/24

    CK07N030 2009 01 07.4298 1.220470 0.998894 136.6077 338.2806 178.3758 20150627 6.5 4.0 : C/2007 N3 - Venzha Christ Solo Exhibition

    Venzha Christ, new media artist from Indonesia, also an astronomy enthusiast, is invited by Open Contemporary Art Centre to undertake a residency and creative exchange project in Taiwan. The artist’s admiration for the boundless cosmic wonders and his belief ...

  • 2016 08/14 - 2016 08/14

    The Girl from Cambodi

    Looking into the lives of queer partners, Kong Dara continued his research from his artwork at Ho Chi Minh City to Taipei while he is in residence in OCAC. His residency artwork is centred around the field research on queer lives. As a gay person from Cambodia, he tried to understand partner relationships for gay and lesbian people in Taipei.

  • JiandYin

    born in Ratchaburi in 1969, obtained an MFA degree in sculpture from Silpakorn University, Thailand. Yin, born in Chiang Mai in 1968, obtained an MA degree in Metalwork from Royal College of Art, UK. Jiandyin have been interdisciplinary collaborative artists since 2002. Their works focus...