2004 01/01 - 2008 01/01

OCAC Lecture

Introduction to The Contemporary Lecture Room The Contemporary Lecture Room is one of the academic activities of Open-Contemporary Art Center that focuses on essential lessons concerning the visual arts. The majority of the lectures are given by OCAC members. In these lectures, the members share the results of their academic research, such as paintings, sculptures, performance art, multi-media arts, ink and wash paintings, architecture, and images that are implementations of creativity. In addition, we invite professionals and scholars to lecture on topics such as art critique and curating. Following the historical perspectives addressed in the lectures, listeners are guided into an investigation of/ the work of contemporary artists.


  • 2016 06/01 - 2016 06/01

    South Circuit Tour stop 9 : Come and Share A Bowl of Minced Pork Rice

    South Circuit environmental touring project is centred around a participative performance piece by a ceramic artist. The small truck will host minced pork rice dish by donation, and various moving image artwork (ex. video art, documentary). The audience are invited to come and watch the video while enjoying the minced pork rice dish.

  • 2010 03/06 - 2010 06/06

    The Waking of Insects 4130 - 2

    The Waking of Insects is not an event or a exhibition, but a continuous conversational project by OCAC in 2010. It will be published on the web as image (vimeo, youtube), and sound (podcast) content.

  • 2004 06/03 - 2004 06/13

    Physical Exercise Produce - Tsai Ying-Cheng Solo Exhibition

    Walking down paths in the fields, often we gather up the seeds of cobbler's pegs on our clothes naturally, the seeds spread its territory relying on others to move them. The seed of a cobbler’s pegs has a moustache-like split on...