2015 10/03 - 2015 10/03

The Raft of the Medusa - Artist in the Unknown Journey

Exform-Taipei, the solo exhibition of Kosuke Ikeda, will soon be rounded off on Sunday, Oct. 4th, which implies Mr. Ikeda’s one-year project in Taiwan has come to the end of the period in Open Contemporary Art Center (OCAC). In memory of the event, a symposium is arranged to proceed on Sunday, Oct. 3rd, at 15:00, located in OCAC for artist sharing. The OCAC member, Lo Shih Tung, who has been engaged in short-term project in Burma, Japan and Malaysia over the past few years, and Rikey Tēnn, the founder of the cyber platform, No Man’s Land, are both the invited guests in this event .

The French Romanticism painter, Théodore Géricault, was fascinated by a French shipwreck in 1816. All but 15 died in the 13 days before the victims’ rescue, and those who survived endured starvation, desperation and practiced cannibalism. Géricault interviewed two of the survivors, undertook extensive research and produced many preparatory sketches, and constructed a detailed scale model of the raft. His efforts took him to complete The Raft of the Medusa. Designated as The Raft of the Medusa- The Art in Uncharted Journey and based on the incident, the symposium will inspire artists’ instinct, imagination, sensibility and contemporary reflection in art creating. Through the stories shared by the two invited, we will meditate and learn what can be created and held together while everything around us is so uncertain and varied and how they make it possible while the concept of art in residency and art-exchange now become so extensive and frequent yet sort of faded.


ARTISTS|Kosuke Ikeda X LO Shih Tung


Time|3rd Oct., 15-17pm

Venue|Open Contemporary Art Center. (No. 24, Zhongxing Street, Taipei City / MRT: Shilin Station)


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    OCAC via P.P.T. Salon Bangkok #3

    On the occasion of the via P.P.T. salon #3, OCAC Bangkok has invited Hsu Chia-Wei , Taiwanese artist and Jakrawal Nilthamrong, Thai artist to introduce their works. Both of them focus on narration within history, voyage, and fiction to produce film and video work.