2015 02/14 - 2015 02/14

via P.P.T. Art and Communication : a Myanmar Exper

Art and Communication: a Myanmar Experience" with Ilaria Benini (Flux Kit) Flux Kit is an independent organization based in Yangon (Myanmar). It is designed to create intercultural encounters and to record contemporary culture through a variety of curatorial projects, researches and artistic production. Its mission is to promote debate between people with different cultural backgrounds and life experiences, setting up activities in Europe and Asia, and expanding worldwide networks among creative professionals and thinkers. Flux Kit develops projects that intend to establish a permanent research through the programming. In 2014 Flux Kit organized the festival Contemporary Dialogues Yangon. More info at www.fluxkit.org and contemporarydialogues.tumblr.com.


Ilaria Benini is co-founder of Flux Kit and editor of a new collection of books from/about Asia at addeditore (Italy). Holding a BA in Sociology and a MA in Media Studies, since 2009 she works as copy writer and project manager for independent video production and cultural events. Investigations around South-East Asia started in 2010, bringing knowledge and experience about contemporary arts and cultural expressions in the region. Her research interests lie within communication and artistic performances. In the global context, how do communication and art operate and influence social structure, distribution of power and daily life of contemporary human beings?


Time : 2015.02.14, 15:00-17:00.

Speaker : Ilaria Benini.


  • 2012 10/13 - 2012 10/13

    OCAC via P.P.T. Salon Bangkok #3

    On the occasion of the via P.P.T. salon #3, OCAC Bangkok has invited Hsu Chia-Wei , Taiwanese artist and Jakrawal Nilthamrong, Thai artist to introduce their works. Both of them focus on narration within history, voyage, and fiction to produce film and video work.

  • 2012 09/12 - 2012 09/12

    OCAC via P.P.T. Salon Bangkok #2

    VIA P.P.T. (Presence Pressure Temptation) salons are an OCAC Bangkok’s program that invite OCAC members artists, artists from Thailand, Taiwan and abroad to introduce works, give lectures, do performances, etc. at the OCAC Bangkok space. There are about 12 salons during the OCAC Bangkok programs in Bangkok from August 2012 - January 2013.

  • 2015 10/03 - 2015 10/03

    The Raft of the Medusa - Artist in the Unknown Journey

    Exform-Taipei, the solo exhibition of Kosuke Ikeda, will soon be rounded off on Sunday, Oct. 4th, which implies Mr. Ikeda’s one-year project in Taiwan has come to the end of the period in Open Contemporary Art Center (OCAC). In memory of the event, a symposium is arranged to proceed on Sunday, Oct. 3rd, at 15:00, located in OCAC for artist sharing. The OCAC member, Lo Shih Tung, who has been engaged in short-term project in Burma, Japan and Malaysia over the past few years, and Rikey Tēnn, the founder of the cyber platform, No Man’s Land, are both the invited guests in this event .