2013 09/26 - 2013 09/26

Grammararianism : Trends in Contemporary Videography Artists Forum

Curator Jian Li-Ting organised an exhibition titled Grammararianism: Trends in Contemporary Videography, with three subtopics in the exhibition: “Video as document of a performance”, “Echoes of film”, “Spatial images and objects”. This exhibition illustrates contemporary video art and its interdisciplinary aspects, how it interacts with our everyday media and the paradigm of contemporary art today in an active position. The artists forum at OCAC on 26th September 2013 invites three participating artists to share their video work, and their creative process and artistic focus.


Participating Artists: Rafael Cherkaski (Fr), Wu Chien-Ying (Tw), Hsu Chia-Wei (Tw)

Event Organiser / Curator: Jian Li-Ting

Co-organiser: OCAC


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    Traffic Jam #2 : Taipei - Artist Talk x Screening x Exquisite Corpse Video Project

    TRAFFIC JAM is a project-based collective that unites international artists in an urban environment. Intercultural collaboration and communication through artistic engagement is one of the goals of the group. Sharing a common interest in the medium of experimental video, the group was created to collaborate and to inspire one another while exchanging ideas through the creative process.