2013 06/22 - 2013 06/22

Exhibition, No More? OCAC : The flow of noise breaking

Between 2011 to 2013, OCAC went through a special trek in zones of Thailand-Taiwan. This is not only the exchanges between people, concepts and practices, but also finding new definitions in the possibilities of an art space. After returning from South East Asia, we not only continue the contemporary art exchanges between Thailand-Taiwan, through the support of a funded art-space project by Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government, we have a new space inside an old house of quiet alleys near Shilin MRT station. It is situated near a small park, library and traditional market. Every time someone asks how far can art and art space travels, we look around us. The city and community we are in, there are always many voices murmuring, calling or just being silent. What are these sound? Where do they come from? Is it from a group of people knocking, renovating in the endless dust of many adjoined abandoned space over two continuous months? Or is it from the expectation and the doubt of the community? Is it the silent thought process from the library, or the lively noise exchange from the market? Or perhaps, it is the funded art-space project’s imagination towards art and community?


Again, OCAC is in a scene that is being designed and also waiting to be drawn. At the same time, we want to introduce our new ‘neighbours’. Fieldevo Design Studio which had a huge input and energy in the whole renovating process, and Openlab. Taipei and JaM Food Lab, who we shared the space with. While there are two thick walls between us, and after the full space is open and connected, there will be conflicts and struggles between our co-working and collaboration relationship. What kind of art production mode will OCAC develop with our new neighbours?



  • 2015 05/30 - 2015 05/30

    Maqué, ma Cail

    An Intuition, special taste for the unexpected, will take shape through a game with the situation through performances, readings or other interventions. The main goal of this process is to immerse ourselves in uncertain positions opening a new way of thinking: the forms’ analysis built by encounters, exchanges and hospitality in that case. My project comes from a perception.

  • 2016 09/02 - 2016 09/02

    Kong Dara Open Studio

    Kong Dara’s residency project at OCAC is centred around the themes of queer lives. He continues to develop and create a personalised Taipei City map, structuring around his own experience as a gay person from Cambodia. He sketch out his complex experiences, emotions, and memories through pen, in order to find his personal and individual art perspective.

  • 2013 12/07 - 2014 02/08

    ThaiTai : A Measure of Understanding

    Following the end of the namesake demonstrated in Bangkok Art and Culture Center in 2012, ThaiTai: A Measure of Understanding toured to Taiwan for exhibition and was highly marked as the cooperation project milestone between Taiwan and Thailand. It inherits and emphasizes the significance in the interaction process... 
    Lee Jo MeiChou Yu ChengLin ChiweiWu Chien HsingChiu Chen HungChiu Chao TsaiFan Hsiao LanShih Pei ChunChi Kai YuanHsu Chia WeiSyu Jia JhenChia Chen JenHuang Chunzhen + Liu Youcheng + Liu YuqiaoChang En ManYeh Wei LiLiu HojangLo Shih Tung