2014 02/08 - 2014 02/09

MITTing : Art and Cultural Network Forum

MITT stands for a temporary art and cultural network among artist initiatives from Myanmar, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand is a verb to cluster collective efforts in imagining regional dialogues and exchanges. To reflect and explore our mobility and operations conditioned in the neo-liberalism global economy and our local political contexts, the meeting of MITT is an opportunity to examine how the autonomous mobility of art practitioners could transgress the existing boundaries and cultivate common grammars for the future cultural production.

MITT is proposed not as a fixed organization, but a connection, a gathering and an invitation for friendship in our shared region. It is also an action that transcribes our desire for charting new meeting points among ourselves beyond the direct influence of much bigger cultural mechanisms, art market and globalization. This meeting shall reflect a new critical tendency for small-scale artist initiatives around the region to contribute and construct the space of agonism with multitudes, and produce a shared institutional landscape rooted from and identified with the region that would help us all to generate an alternative art system of our own, economy of circulation, and new cultural currency and commons for artistic practices.

MITTing: Art and Cultural Network Forum is organized as a processor to meet two aims: a) reviewing our cultural exchange methodology and seeking for new vehicles and forms of production; b) opening dialogues and imaginations on what MITTing is and could be as a regional network for the future. With every MITTing / meeting becomes a site of production, we launch ourselves in the present action for growing our new vocabulary and dictionary together in the first phase, make social agents out of ourselves and enrich the development of regional art with individual and collective participations.


Venue: URS 21 Chung Shan Creative Hub, Taipei (No. 21, Sec. 1, Minsheng E. Rd., Zhongshan
Dist., Taipei City 104, TAIWAN R.O.C)

Organized by Open-Contemporary Art Center (OCAC), jiandyin (Jiradej and Pornpilai Meemalai)
Co-organized by JUT Foundation for Arts and Architecture, Bamboo Curtain Studio
Participants: OCAC, jiandyin (Jiradej and Pornpilai Meemalai), Moe Satt (Beyond Pressure), Leonhard Bartolomeus (Ruangrupa), Helmi Hardian and Debrina Tedjawidjaja (Waft Lab), Narawan Pathomvat (The Reading Room), Nobuo Takamori (Outsiders Factory), Cheng Chang (4-Way Voice), Meiya Cheng (Taipei Contemporary Art Center)
Curated by Esther Lu


  • 2014 05/24 - 2014 07/25

    Kwan Yin - Chiu Cheng-Hung Solo Exhibition

    The Goddess of Mercy’s features slowly emerge with each and every one of the sculptor’s strike and chisel. The fallen marble chips scattered on the ground are still cast by the breath of the goddess and morph into vivid animals in the work “Guanyin”. Collect--cleanse--remodel. First from marble, to the Bodhisattva and finally to the animal sculptures, the artist reactivates the chiseled...

  • 2012 09/12 - 2012 09/12

    OCAC via P.P.T. Salon Bangkok #2

    VIA P.P.T. (Presence Pressure Temptation) salons are an OCAC Bangkok’s program that invite OCAC members artists, artists from Thailand, Taiwan and abroad to introduce works, give lectures, do performances, etc. at the OCAC Bangkok space. There are about 12 salons during the OCAC Bangkok programs in Bangkok from August 2012 - January 2013.

  • 2013 02/01 - 2013 02/01

    THAITAI FEVER - STAGE 3 | how to fix a leaky roof in rainy days

    All things are impermanent, carry on decaying and vanishing toward an oblivion and non-existence condition. While we accept and compromise the deterioration, we keep in mind about maintenance, not for a neat appearance but to expand the relationship between human, among scattered forms, and to overcome the conscious mind which was fully engaged.