2003 12/09 - 2003 12/28

Maybe, A Suggestion About Contemporary Ink Painting : A Platform for Residence and Travel

In this group exhibition, artists will investigate everything within a physical space as the suggested title, in how it can be a “resembled” reality: not an objective reality. It should have organism that is filled with elegant temperaments, as if “filled with intangible essence”, even mixed with poetic ingredient as on-site intervention. It is not a tidied and pruned garden and grass field, the path for the inquiry takes on another kind of possibility, an overview or summed up wide-shot. From this view point, the pastoral song from the resembled landscape has new vocabularies; an excitable sign of possibility leaked from the fringe of historical reading, produced from inner artistic framework. Due to this foreign perspective and the cultural crash in the comparative result, a new energy is created.

The L shape viewpoint from the entrance of the exhibition site created two pathway choices. Parallel to Lin Garden’s design in China and accompany the exit at the back of the exhibition space, the set-up offered different pathways for walking as meandering route pointing at the same destination.


  • 2015 08/29 - 2015 10/04

    Exform : Taipei - Kosuke Ikeda

    In Taipei, there remains a rich black in the night. Every night, food stands repeatedly gather and part, making a cluster of lights which are a little vulgar and ununified. But when you step away from the crowded streets, you come across narrow labyrinthine alleys filled with deep darkness in contrast to the vibrant...

  • 2015 11/28 - 2015 12/27

    TRANSITIONS | PARTICLES - Noa Yekutieli Solo Exhibitions

    'Transitions’ and ‘Particles’ are part of Noa Yekutieli’s ongoing project Mountains of Narratives.In these exhibitions, Yekutieli creates connections between different memories and subjects by 'rewriting' the history in her own way while questioning the way narratives are built.“I think that our beliefs,

  • 2011 04/09 - 2011 05/15

    Red Desert - Chuang Che-Wei Solo Exhibition

    These images were extracted from our common media such as film, television, newspaper and magazines, with an image of a negative utopian. Using plastic transformation, these images became unrooted paranoia murmurs. This is the core question from his drawing practice, “what is the linguistic activation in drawings?”.