2011 07/31 - 2011 08/28

Gaia Project : The Elegant Giant - Chiu Chen-Hung Solo Exhibition

Chiu Chen-Hung’s art-making is like an archeological adventure. Digging in specific field in the time he lives in. These specific field comes from a faraway image of eternity, or something close-by that is disappearing. For him, the people and legends surrounding his own life is the drive for him to actively performs his body for memorialising, and also to develop a series of art-making. These artworks are unlike a traditional memorial representing sacred and eternal. They are more like a humble investigation, into personal experience and logics. Gaia Project – The Elegant Giant, a project from 2011, continue to focus on the exchanges between the objects and their source. He collected rood panels from early Taiwanese timber buildings; the broken surfaces were fixed up and reworked. These large vessel-like sculptures connect us in past and present in spirit, like a real tunnel through time.


  • 2009 01/01 - 2009 01/25

    Chang En-Man : One Room Exhibit, / End Of Year Cleaning Project

    “My living space is always messy and dirty, I also dream of having clean and poetic living space. Can I throw away most things in my house in an almost paranoid and crazy condition, to frame a beautiful living space with minimal conditions? Some questions of reality comes to me, where do those mess...

  • 2014 05/24 - 2014 07/25

    Kwan Yin - Chiu Cheng-Hung Solo Exhibition

    The Goddess of Mercy’s features slowly emerge with each and every one of the sculptor’s strike and chisel. The fallen marble chips scattered on the ground are still cast by the breath of the goddess and morph into vivid animals in the work “Guanyin”. Collect--cleanse--remodel. First from marble, to the Bodhisattva and finally to the animal sculptures, the artist reactivates the chiseled...

  • 2007 11/07 - 2007 12/09

    Looking ‧ Souvenir: Artists Images

    It’s a kind of warmth from freshly baked bread, an invitation, an observation, a change and a test for adventuring hearts. After experiencing an information overload from artistic fulfillment mixed with the growth and exhaustion from long travels, artists have a small part in their heart that is slowly changing, building and settling down, as if fermenting in butterfly effects.