2004 05/11 - 2004 05/23

Innocence Solo - Huang Chun-Chen Solo Exhibition

In her art practice, she continue to explore art-making on site; view the site as an existing structure to the work, practice forms of senses in her physical labour. In the use of mediated (mirrored) object, sense and logic are co-constructed in the form of plastic art; thus transfer the focus to the reflective possibilities of human and site.


In the boundary of the existing physical space, she measure it up with human bodies as a tool; in the engagement, the viewpoint and imagination of the site is opened up. Will the function and reflection of the site be shifting with the trends of art practice, will continue to be important lessons in contemporary art.


Can the viewers be performers? She is not looking for a special concept to apply to the site. It is about the physical space, and the physical awareness to our existing space. In applying body, object, space and image in the art-making site, what kind of relationship can these four application have?


  • 2004 12/18 - 2004 12/30

    Technology Art

    I - Image: technology arts often explore the forms and qualities of images combining technology based machines. To support the re-representation of images we often have to work the computer as an engineer. While constructing, the intervention of tools and new softwares development, and the complex machine languages and image formation become the subject of artmaking.   

  • 2011 11/04 - 2011 12/18

    Inner Drama : Tender Revolution - Fan Hsiao-Lan Solo Exhibition

    We feel threatened in our living environment, because the rules of the game are all against us. We strive to change but don’t know how. The reality is that the enemies are partly within us.

  • 2004 06/03 - 2004 06/13

    Physical Exercise Produce - Tsai Ying-Cheng Solo Exhibition

    Walking down paths in the fields, often we gather up the seeds of cobbler's pegs on our clothes naturally, the seeds spread its territory relying on others to move them. The seed of a cobbler’s pegs has a moustache-like split on...