2012 01/07 - 2012 02/05

Parallel Crossing - Wu Chien-Hsing Solo Exhibition

In my childhood memories, the teleport door is a device invented by the cartoon character Doraemon—a door which allows one to travel to any place, any time in the blink of an eye. In my latest video works, I used the teleport door as a device to return to the environment I grew up in, and by employing shots and editing techniques that cross over from one space to the next, I created a new realistic setting within another. Through the metaphor of the teleport door, the realistic scene before me opens up to an entirely different space, creating two realistic scenes at once. By crossing from a series of such spaces to another, it evokes the impression of time misplaced and a surrounding with a surreal nature, ultimately dissolving the boundaries between the real and surreal spaces. This compels me to wonder whether different spaces do exist and operate under one dimension, and where the portals leading to such spaces are hidden. Or do they, in fact, lie within the image itself?


  • 2011 05/28 - 2011 07/10

    TENG Chao-Ming - I was in the Arctic

    Open Contemporary Art Center is pleased to announce I Was in the Arctic, the first solo exhibition in Taiwan by New York-based artist TENG Chao-Ming. Last year TENG was selected to participate in the Arctic Circle, an annual artist residency/expedition, run by New York’s Farm Foundation for the Arts and Sciences. I Was in the Arctic shows two new works completed during the trip by TENG.

  • 2012 08/26 - 2012 08/26

    THAITAI FEVER Stage #1 : We're OPEN

    TAHITI FEVER project is hosted in OCAC Bangkok space. In August 2012, it launched the first exhibition Stage 1: WE’re OPEN! It was a Thai style ceremony for moving into a house, collaboratively ran by members of OCAC...

  • 2011 09/10 - 2011 10/16

    Annual : Shifting, Rapidly or Very Slowly - Lo Shih-Tung Solo Exhibition

    “Annual”, a quantitive word that can be both short and long, rapid and slow. It is both a short time, and a lasting time. In this noun that seems to be extremely past-tense, but also future-tense, it is about how individual’s point of view or viewpoint responds to the issues (events, sites) of the world. This exhibition happens in September 2011...