2012 01/07 - 2012 02/05

Parallel Crossing - Wu Chien-Hsing Solo Exhibition

In my childhood memories, the teleport door is a device invented by the cartoon character Doraemon—a door which allows one to travel to any place, any time in the blink of an eye. In my latest video works, I used the teleport door as a device to return to the environment I grew up in, and by employing shots and editing techniques that cross over from one space to the next, I created a new realistic setting within another. Through the metaphor of the teleport door, the realistic scene before me opens up to an entirely different space, creating two realistic scenes at once. By crossing from a series of such spaces to another, it evokes the impression of time misplaced and a surrounding with a surreal nature, ultimately dissolving the boundaries between the real and surreal spaces. This compels me to wonder whether different spaces do exist and operate under one dimension, and where the portals leading to such spaces are hidden. Or do they, in fact, lie within the image itself?


  • 2012 02/24 - 2012 02/24

    Traffic Jam #2 : Taipei - Artist Talk x Screening x Exquisite Corpse Video Project

    TRAFFIC JAM is a project-based collective that unites international artists in an urban environment. Intercultural collaboration and communication through artistic engagement is one of the goals of the group. Sharing a common interest in the medium of experimental video, the group was created to collaborate and to inspire one another while exchanging ideas through the creative process.

  • 2004 04/14 - 2004 04/20

    Traverse - a Chen Chia-Jen exhibition

    In recent work, the use of images is the most noticeable. The features of this medium created more gaps for exploration in its slim and non-physical form. From the movements in history, the use of found objects and site based installations has destroyed many sensory formations within the frame of paintings.

  • 2016 06/04 - 2016 06/18

    The Second Chapter of Ln. 25, Dayong St. - CHIA Chien-Ju Solo Exhibition

    The Second Chapter of Ln. 25, Dayong St. is a series of solo exhibition about objects from home. The title comes from my old home street address. The first chapter started as a solo show in 2015; now second chapter in the first half of 2016 (this exhibition), combines as a solo exhibition series with another show at the end of the year as the last chapter.