2011 12/12 - 2012 01/13

Two Outstanding Tilapia Fish

Today, we have almost given up the words “genius” or “natural talent” to describe artists. Artists also don’t use splendid techniques or unique literacy or theology to mark their characters. In examples of avant-garde, where “everyone is artists”, or “art is life, life is art”, not only expand the boundary of the arts, but also speaks of the dying of “geniuses”. Melancholy or grumpiness are no longer the marks of artists. They don’t live alone, or away from the crowds. The opposite, artists now lives in and amongst the crowds, they care about subjects like human relationships and environmental issues. They question pure imagination, thus responding to audience and exhibition sites. They sometimes throw out suggestions that is full of space to be filled by like-minded people. These are not for individual expressions. It is to seek a new relationship to tightly bind together themselves and the world. It’s like tilapia fish, they survive and adjust well in any mixed water.


However, despite unique techniques or natural talent in artists, does that make artists like every other person? Are there no differences between art and everyday life? Certainly not. Through sensitive observations and subjective sampling, artists here find each of their own methodology that are different from outstanding “geniuses”.   


Article: Jian Liting

Artists: Fan Hsiao-Lan, Lee Jo-Mei, Chen Ci-Bang, Chi Kai-Yuan, Hsu Chia-Wei


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