2012 04/14 - 2012 05/13

19991121 > 20130421 | PART ONE

As we face an ever urgent and uncertain future, we temporarily suspend the current administrative, bureaucratic, and relocation tasks at hand to do what we do best: that of making the best artwork that we can; for this is the true binding force and DNA makeup of Open-Contemporary Art Center (OCAC). Utilized as an act to reinforce and realign our mission as we move forward, this exhibition entitled 19991221 > 20130421 | PART ONE is also an occasion to celebrate this departure, this one marker, amongst many to come.
For the last project at our JUT Foundation for Arts & Architecture space, we have selected thirty-two current and past members from OCAC’s eleven year history to collaborate in a set of conditional spatial and temporal parameters that revolves around individual and collective working strategies as a way to reassess, reconstruct, and remember what has taken place and give illuminations to what may have been left out of this wondrous journey.

19991221 > 20130421 | PART ONE serves also as a bridge from our current place to an upcoming yet undecided location, for PART TWO will take place in the programming at our next station.

Wei-Li Yeh | Director of March
Participating Artists:Che-Wei Chuang, Morris Kuo, Chia-Jen Chen, Chien-Wei Liu, Pei-Chun Shih, Yu-Cheng Chou, A.R.S., Ku-Ming Chen, Wan-Jen Chen, Daisy Li, Hsiao-tsa Chen, Chien-Hsing Wu, Chi-Pan Chen, En-Maan Chang, Shih-Hsian Chu, Chia-Wei Hsu, Yen-Hsiang Fang, Jo-Mei Lee, Chen-Hung Chiu, Jhi-Yi Liu, Jung-Zhi Huang, S’Han Chen, Hsiao-Lan Fan, Jun-Jie Chiu, Shih-Tung Lo, Jian-Yu Xu, Hsien-Shu Chu, Hojang Liu, Ying-Cheng Tsai, Wei-Li Yeh, Jiandyin, Jing-Zhong Luo


  • 2003 12/09 - 2003 12/28

    Maybe, A Suggestion About Contemporary Ink Painting : A Platform for Residence and Travel

    In this group exhibition, artists will investigate everything within a physical space as the suggested title, in how it can be a “resembled” reality: not an objective reality. It should have organism that is filled with elegant temperaments, as if “filled with intangible essence”, even mixed with poetic ingredient as on-site intervention.

  • 2017 04/21 - 2017 04/30

    EvEning EvEnt : Unsang Address, Seine, Paris

    Unsang Address, Seine, Paris – is a cross-artistic experimental two-channel video work, where two different stories are played simultaneously, about a place and its historical layers as information and inspiration for the artist.During a residency stay in Paris, I found an amusing historical reference in the city part of Neuilly, where I was wandering around. In the end of 1870s, Claude Monet had rented a houseboat here...

  • 2014 05/24 - 2014 07/25

    Kwan Yin - Chiu Cheng-Hung Solo Exhibition

    The Goddess of Mercy’s features slowly emerge with each and every one of the sculptor’s strike and chisel. The fallen marble chips scattered on the ground are still cast by the breath of the goddess and morph into vivid animals in the work “Guanyin”. Collect--cleanse--remodel. First from marble, to the Bodhisattva and finally to the animal sculptures, the artist reactivates the chiseled...