2008 05/17 - 2008 07/05

Big Game: 1st P - 4th P

Artists are pretty smart. They renew their strategies again, then again, to support the fragile emptiness. It’s as if asking, in a much heard tone, “we are still anxious about how to form a complete puzzle with broken pieces. If we are further and further away from the studio, what’s the position of producing or the identity of being artists?”.


If art can resurrect after each death announcements; back to the dynamic of creating, it is not just having melodramatic murmurs or sarcastic attitude...  


Exhibition time: 15:00-21:00 (closed Mondays)


“1st P”

5/17 Sat. - 5/24 Sat.

Artists: Chio Jyun-Jie, Liu Ying Han

5/23 Fri 19:00

Artists: Xu Jian-Yu, Huang Jung-Zhi


“2nd P”

5/31 Sat. - 6/7 Sat.

Artists: Wang Shao-Gang, Chang En-Man

6/6 Fri 19:00

Artists: Huang Chun-Chen, Chi Chien


“3rd P”

6/14 Sat. - 6/21 Sat.  

Artists: Liu En-Wei, Lu Ying-Ying

6/20 Fri 19:00

Artists: Liu Ji-Yi, Lo Shih-Tung


“4th P”

6/28 Sat. - 7/5 Sat.

Artists: Chen Yen-Ling, Yuan Yong-Kang, Cheng Hsiao-Ron

7/4 Fri 19:00

Artists: Chu Shih-Hsian, Liu Ji-Yi


  • 2016 05/16 - 2016 06/05

    Waiting - a Wan Shu-Yun Solo Exhibition

    During the afternoon, I stayed on the couch playing new mobile app game. For a rare material that is hard to drop, I pressed attack button continuously, attacking piccolo birds around the core character. This is a super idiotic action with no meaning, I filled the whole afternoon with this. From time to time, I glance at the computer monitor, waiting for the number ‘two’ o’clock to change to three, three to four.

  • 2014 02/07 - 2014 04/06

    ThaiTai Fever - After and Before a Meeting

    The title of the last exhibition in Bangkok from OCAC was How to fix a leaking roof in rainy days?. This title speaks the multilayered concept of “relationship”, while OCAC was in residence in Bangkok for six months. It also questions while an exchange is in process, how do we compile in order to present...


  • 2004 04/14 - 2004 04/20

    Traverse - a Chen Chia-Jen exhibition

    In recent work, the use of images is the most noticeable. The features of this medium created more gaps for exploration in its slim and non-physical form. From the movements in history, the use of found objects and site based installations has destroyed many sensory formations within the frame of paintings.