2008 05/17 - 2008 07/05

Big Game: 1st P - 4th P

Artists are pretty smart. They renew their strategies again, then again, to support the fragile emptiness. It’s as if asking, in a much heard tone, “we are still anxious about how to form a complete puzzle with broken pieces. If we are further and further away from the studio, what’s the position of producing or the identity of being artists?”.


If art can resurrect after each death announcements; back to the dynamic of creating, it is not just having melodramatic murmurs or sarcastic attitude...  


Exhibition time: 15:00-21:00 (closed Mondays)


“1st P”

5/17 Sat. - 5/24 Sat.

Artists: Chio Jyun-Jie, Liu Ying Han

5/23 Fri 19:00

Artists: Xu Jian-Yu, Huang Jung-Zhi


“2nd P”

5/31 Sat. - 6/7 Sat.

Artists: Wang Shao-Gang, Chang En-Man

6/6 Fri 19:00

Artists: Huang Chun-Chen, Chi Chien


“3rd P”

6/14 Sat. - 6/21 Sat.  

Artists: Liu En-Wei, Lu Ying-Ying

6/20 Fri 19:00

Artists: Liu Ji-Yi, Lo Shih-Tung


“4th P”

6/28 Sat. - 7/5 Sat.

Artists: Chen Yen-Ling, Yuan Yong-Kang, Cheng Hsiao-Ron

7/4 Fri 19:00

Artists: Chu Shih-Hsian, Liu Ji-Yi


  • 2011 11/10 - 2011 12/12

    11th Biennale de Lyon - Une terrible poétique: Taiwan young artists exhibition

    After the success in attracting local art circle’s attention in the 10th Docks Art Fair while working with Olivier Houg Galerie, Le Centre Culturel de Taiwan à Paris work with them again in La Biennale de Lyon in 2011; using the platform of Biennale to present to international artists and professionals the important contemporary artworks from Taiwan.

  • 2010 05/29 - 2010 07/02

    Around Us - Chiu Chen-Hung Solo Exhibition

    The work Around Us is like a journey. Chiu Chen-Hung discovered a bunch of thrown away mine carts by chance, abandoned in a place called “Hoping Marble Mine” in the eastern mountain areas of Taiwan. In the past, these carts were not only used for transport, but also as working stations for the miners to mend imperfect diamonds.

  • 2009 03/14 - 2009 04/04

    3_21 2009 Showing

    OCAC 3_21 Showing represent another year of Open Contemporary, at the same time it is a time for reviewing and rethinking. 3_21 is not just an exhibit of documents in what has or had happened. It tries to retrace the outline of the studio, also as a gathering site for artists, an interpretation that is closer to reality.