2003 01/09 - 2003 01/18

Moremove - a Chou Yu-Chen solo exhibition

Project Moremove mainly explores how physical movement can produce repetitive beats, and objects can produce non-habitual movements (remixed electronic dance music produces the core atmosphere in the project). The performance and video recording will be demonstrated within the exhibition space. The completion of the project is not controlled by one person, it is a collaborative and theatrical performance. All the performers and camera operators will need a degree of communication and rehearsals.


The project is a collaborative practice between 5 artists (from content creation to execution). In the current practice of contemporary art, whether in plastic art or other fields, collaboration is a happening worth noticing, also a strategy often used by artists. In the plastic art practice in Taiwan, it is often a solo work or a group sharing an exhibition space. From perspective of the artwork, it is a work that present the solo artist’s specificity or thoughts; this applies also to a group collaborative presentation. Many people working on the same project, it is not a lego structure, but an exchange of ideas and co-execution.


Communication and collaboration is the how the project operate, as the methodology of a workshop. This kind of exhibition or format is harder to control to some degree, so it’s hard to meet expectations. But it also speaks outside of the language of norm, it is the “off series” work.


Artists: Pai Bei-Houng, Chou Yu-Chen, Chen Hui-Yu, Su Yang-Chih, Sébastien Sczcyrk

Exhibition dates: 2003/01/09 Fri. - 2003/01/18 Sun.

Opening: 2003/01/09 Fri. 7pm

Performance: 2003/01/09 Fri. 8pm

Panel discussion: 2003/01/10 Sat. 7pm