2004 03/05 - 2004 03/14

M16 - a Hsu Yichun solo exhibition

Images transfer messages; messages cover another layer of images forcefully. The multiplicity in the image narrative reflect how the viewers actively read with their own consciousness. Frames can be chosen, and randomly cut into many pictures - this shows that the act of reporting (documenting) the reality of images can be manipulated. Manipulation itself should be part of the field of contemporary video. From the viewable (by others) of video images, and the readable (by others) of video settings, we reconsider what is to view. What do we see? How do we say we saw? Who says what to be viewed? Sampling from documentary films in its raw red and black alternating presentations, the viewers were forced to rethink while viewing the images. In colouring, filling in, and other game-like processing mode, the images were presented, covered up and covered other images. The exhibition looks at how to create a full narration using the readability (by others) in images and its “settings”.


  • 2015 10/17 - 2015 11/21

    San Jhan - Wang Shao-Gang Solo Exhibition

    Kung Fu has been used in the film industries to portray an ideology of Chinese as being proficient in martial art and protective of their race. This is the product of a culture under pressure and fighting against invasions. The idealistic heroic images have been created through exaggerated and spectacular aesthetic...

  • 2012 08/26 - 2012 08/26

    THAITAI FEVER Stage #1 : We're OPEN

    TAHITI FEVER project is hosted in OCAC Bangkok space. In August 2012, it launched the first exhibition Stage 1: WE’re OPEN! It was a Thai style ceremony for moving into a house, collaboratively ran by members of OCAC...

  • 2004 05/11 - 2004 05/23

    Innocence Solo - Huang Chun-Chen Solo Exhibition

    In her art practice, she continue to explore art-making on site; view the site as an existing structure to the work, practice forms of senses in her physical labour. In the use of mediated (mirrored) object, sense and logic are co-constructed in the form of plastic art; thus transfer the focus to the reflective possibilities of human and site.