2000 05/07 - 2000 05/15

Art Base - New Form II −(54.5M × 4.5M × 9M)

Art Base - New Form II was curated for Hua-Shan Art & Culture Park, titled with the physical room measurement of (54.5M × 4.5M × 9M) in the ex-beer factory space, adding a minus sign in front. The curatorial form sits outside of having an exhibition themed with social values or some kind of literary framework.


We view this exhibition as an artwork itself. In it, the curators’ and artists’ parts are set in a role-playing subjective choice; and using random pairing games to connect curators and artists together. In these nonsensical game rules, they come to common agreement in secret looks and laughters.

Despite diverse mediums in the exhibition, the artworks have one connecting quality. The artists preserve a yet-to-complete “background” in the process of creating. Compare to set presentations in museums, in working with sites the dialoguing form of the artworks reduced the artists’ own existences. For instance, in Chu Shih-Hsian’s shadows, Huang Chun-Chen’s mirror doors and windows, Su Chingfei’s stairs and Tsai Wan-Shuen’s tubes and furnishing containers, etc, the process of forming the work was intervened by the basic relationships between man and environment. Each artists uses their own generative process to narrate.


  • 2002 01/01 - 2002 12/31

    After the E Generation

    Two members in OCAC, Hsien-Hsu Chu and Chia-Jen Chen, occupies the co-curators in After the E. Young artists together with their art are invited to the exhibit. Under the concept of the E generation, After the E has the youth’s new logic, impacted by the Internet and cyber media, be at issue. However, reverse ...

  • 2006 12/10 - 2006 12/31

    Post Document

    In 2006, a new generation of artists tried to develop a new language that can be part of our every-day living, rather than restricted by unchangeable classical procedures. The clues of these can be tracked in the previous Taipei Biennials, like Great Theatre of the World, Do You Believe in Reality?, and also Dirty Yoga in 2006.

  • 2013 02/01 - 2013 02/01

    THAITAI FEVER - STAGE 3 | how to fix a leaky roof in rainy days

    All things are impermanent, carry on decaying and vanishing toward an oblivion and non-existence condition. While we accept and compromise the deterioration, we keep in mind about maintenance, not for a neat appearance but to expand the relationship between human, among scattered forms, and to overcome the conscious mind which was fully engaged.