2004 12/18 - 2004 12/30

Technology Art

Technology Art 2004: Image. Transfer. Interaction. Surveillance” was a show by invitation with above four parts, working together with arts and new technology in practice.


I - Image: technology arts often explore the forms and qualities of images combining technology based machines. To support the re-representation of images we often have to work the computer as an engineer. While constructing, the intervention of tools and new softwares development, and the complex machine languages and image formation become the subject of artmaking.   


II - Internet transfer: art presentation now emphasizes on the contemporary of its information. Technology art in 1060s already explored the system of internet transfer. From this history, the transfer in visual and linguistic content makes these artworks leaning towards the field of conceptual art.


III - Interface interaction: in cross-disciplinary with unspecified materiality in the current contemporary art, audience interaction with the artwork had been introduced. Like the inter-connecting relationship in audience being viewers and being viewed, the interfaces such as mirroring / projecting images, sporting and space-time crystallisation become artistic languages. The objects and the machines (ex. screens) they exist in co-create a realistic and phantom-like space. They explore the artistic languages of machine / system, body, time, and space....


IV - Live surveillance: in our everyday lives, when we face (directly) the image machines (television), the subjects transfer in mono direction in the act of viewing. However, in this work, artists propose a (non fictional) realistic documentation of the viewer as (subject) performers…. With the function of live surveillance media, artists provide a fresh viewing experience dealing with the multiplicity of time and space.


  • 2004 01/01 - 2004 12/31

    Non - Nationalisme

    Would it be possible that the school training manipulates the thinking in creating art of those who accept academic education? Non-Nationalisme discusses no issue about races in nationalism. It bases on the art education to meditate how life experiences from different backgrounds influence people’s sense of beauty...

  • 2006 12/10 - 2006 12/31

    Post Document

    In 2006, a new generation of artists tried to develop a new language that can be part of our every-day living, rather than restricted by unchangeable classical procedures. The clues of these can be tracked in the previous Taipei Biennials, like Great Theatre of the World, Do You Believe in Reality?, and also Dirty Yoga in 2006.

  • 2001 01/01 - 2001 12/31

    The Sculpture Realm of Tomorrow

    Another feature topic in the exhibit is the first Taiwan Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition. It discusses the problem about the art performance and the education in Taiwan’s contemporary sculpture. Various forms of art works are demonstrated in the exhibit; they are of metals, soft sculptures, mechanical powers...