Baan Noorg Collaborative Arts and Culture


Baan Noorg Collaborative Arts and Culture is a non-profit artist initiative, a fundament strategy for community development and an artistic practice service-providing program located in Nongpho district, Ratchaburi, found by jiandyin since 2011. Baan Noorg runs alternative interdisciplinary art program for developing contemporary art and cultural production for local and global community. It functions as an alternative learning platform for analyzing, discussing and debating theoretically and practically toward social condition and community as case study for exploring, researching and developing community engagement, social practice, cultural and contemporary art practice among artists, researchers, curators, educators from various fields. The expected outcome is to find out the possibilities of living together and achieving better community. Programs and activities are partly funded by government/on-government institutions.

Baan Noorg’ members: co-directors: jiandyin / partners: Sakarin Krue-On, Hsu Chia Wei and Lo Shih Tung / Manager: Suphitchaya Khunchamni / Assist. Manager: Thanet Sunsart / Members of 2016: Saroot Suppasuthivech, Sareena Sattapon, Kitiwan Seneewong



Baan Noorg main divisions and mission:


Baan Noorg - NPKD (หนองโพKiDดี NonpoKiDdee)

Baan Noorg – NPKD organizes Unlimited art workshop for children and Short Film Festival, a workshop and film festival programs organize in Nongpo community. There has been 2 unlimited Art Workshop for Children and Short Film Festival in 2012 and 2013. Baan Noorg was invited to join children workshop and film screenings in abroad as in Germany for Exotika project, 2013, in Taipei for Becoming Landscape exhibition, 2012, etc.




day OFF LAB oratory : Pilot project alternative school of interdisciplinary art

day OFF LAB oratory is a long term alternative interdisciplinary art program which bases on post-studio and participatory practice. It functions as a dynamic program to develop contemporary art and cultural production that gathers students, practitioners, emerging artists to analyze, discuss and debate theoretically and practically toward social condition and community as case study for researching and developing community engagement, art, and the work of museums with various disciplines specialists. The division was launched with POP-UP MUSEUM (Model study for Nongpo community) project, 2014 and follow by 365 days : LIFE MUSE, long term project, 2015-2016



Baan Noorg Classroom

Baan Noorg Classroom by Baan Noorg Collaborative Arts and Culture provides short term study of art/art related education programs: talks/lectures/workshop/studio practices for general people.


Baan Noorg Artist Residency

Baan Noorg’ offers short term residency program by invitation. This year the residency program is part of 365 Days : LIFE MUSE (Model study for Nongpo community’s foreign labours), DAY OFF LABoratory # 2, interdisciplinary and collaborative art project by Baan Noorg, 2015-2016



Baan Noorg has initiated MOU with Bamboo Curtain Studios, since 2015 and cooperate with Open Contemporary Art Center, since 2013. They include annual/by-project exchange of artist in residence, research and art activities as well as a research/community base for the exchange between Treasure Hill Artist Village and PSG (Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Silpakorn University, since 2014.


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  • 2012 10/13 - 2012 10/13
    OCAC via P.P.T. Salon Bangkok #3

    On the occasion of the via P.P.T. salon #3, OCAC Bangkok has invited Hsu Chia-Wei , Taiwanese artist and Jakrawal Nilthamrong, Thai artist to introduce their works. Both of them focus on narration within history, voyage, and fiction to produce film and video work.

  • JiandYin

    born in Ratchaburi in 1969, obtained an MFA degree in sculpture from Silpakorn University, Thailand. Yin, born in Chiang Mai in 1968, obtained an MA degree in Metalwork from Royal College of Art, UK. Jiandyin have been interdisciplinary collaborative artists since 2002. Their works focus...

  • 2012 08/26 - 2012 08/26
    THAITAI FEVER Stage #1 : We're OPEN

    TAHITI FEVER project is hosted in OCAC Bangkok space. In August 2012, it launched the first exhibition Stage 1: WE’re OPEN! It was a Thai style ceremony for moving into a house, collaboratively ran by members of OCAC...