GUO Yu-Ping

Yu-Ping Guo was born in Taiwan, and graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts in 2008. She currently lives and works in Taipei. Her creation lies in between experimental animation and contemporary art, and treats her real-life experiences and the complex colonial history of Asia as the subject matters. Guo is skilled in combining and transforming painting, sculpture, and animation into poetic narratives. Her works primarily concerns the ethical-political changes and the emotional turmoil occurred in the newly emerging Asian nation states that are undergoing rapid modernization. The media she adopted for creation shifts among video, installation, and many other genres. Her works not only offer insightful observation on realities, but also show rich imagination.


Recently, Guo is concerned with the modern history of Northeast Asia, through which she attempts to overcome the ideologization of history caused by the Chinese civil war and the Cold War structure, as well as to explore the historical heritage that the late-coming developing countries abandoned or ignored in their pursuit of modernization and advance.


  • 2014 11/05 - 2014 11/30

    One Has Said That...

    Starting with the words  one has said that... , the audience are presented to the historical background of the exhibition site. The true identity of that someone is never actually revealed. As the main theme of this exhibition, that “someone” does not necessarily represent........