KUO Morris

Morris was born in Kaohsiung in 1987, and currently resides in Taipei. Graduated from the department of visual communication design of Taiwan University of Arts, Morris is now a member of Open Contemporary Art Center. Morris also serves as the head of J&M food Lab and the marketing design consultant of Le Maison Boutique. Apart from her routine design undertaking, Morris has begun developing in the sphere of artistic design. Her works carry her interpretation of self and involve the elements of design, aesthetics as well as society. Morris’s creation tells her versatile nature. She has been fascinated by the influence and effect of distance to the relationship of rights in the recent years. Morris has constantly been intending to switch between the roles of observer and participator, and also contemplating the result and feedback of such attempt. In the NEO Romance exhibition curated by Lo Shih Tung, Morris experimented with readymade and image and attempted to initiate a discussion among the existing routine that is not discussed. On the other hand, in the Taipei South Town Art Festival, Morris chose a visualized strategy and explored the new possibilities of transforming words/characters into pictures.


  • 2014 09/20 - 2014 10/12

    NEO Romance - LIN Wen-Tsao and Morris KUO Duo Exhibition

    In 18th century, the era of Romanticism, intuition and imagination have been regarded as a crucial media to the enlightenment of knowledge about the universe. At the same time, the principles of Romanticism questioned whether we could allegorize individuals in a ubiquitous world amidst natural...

  • 2014 11/05 - 2014 11/30

    One Has Said That...

    Starting with the words  one has said that... , the audience are presented to the historical background of the exhibition site. The true identity of that someone is never actually revealed. As the main theme of this exhibition, that “someone” does not necessarily represent........