LIN Wei-Lung

Lin Wei-lung Grew up in Taipei, currently works there Graduated from the National Taiwan University of Arts, Fine Arts Department Taipei National University of the Arts Fine Art Research Group Studio assistant for artist Wu Tien-Chang Founder of Lane 216, East, art documentary studio, responsible for directing and producing Lin Wei-lung’s work and thinking originates in the body, and his early works included a series of works documenting the body. Recent works have been based on a process located between body and material. Performances are often long-term, returning repeatedly to a work to accumulate actions. Extended performances make it possible to record into the body’s memory and use the body as an angle for viewing the world. In addition to his own artistic practice, since 2012 Ling has worked in art documentation, using the camera’s lens to allow the dissemination of artistic messages, acts, and exhibitions. Whether through artistic works, documentary collaborations, or travel, Ling seeks to further examine and imagine the viewpoints and physical understandings of those living in Asia.