CHEN Szu-Han

CHEN Szu Han, born in Taipei, currently lives and works in Taiwan.

Chen’s concern lies in contradictions caused by contemporary life and viewpoints of people from diverse cultures and social classes. Through observation and re-interpretation, Chen creates in the hopes of bringing social issues to people's attention, and proposing solutions to life, perhaps cultivating a somewhat poetic attitude toward reality.

Chen explores artistic creation as a tool of communication as well as a possibility for building relationships with the audience. Chen’s practice often involves viewers’ non-active or active participation in an unusual situation that the artist has created based on the context of unusual everyday life. The process of sharing values and perspectives matters the most. Video documentation along with photography and text is employed to represent the once constructed scenario. Chen was an artist-in-residence at the International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP) New York and Unitec, Auckland in 2009, and later Taipei Artists Village (TAV) Taiwan in 2014, KHOJ International Workshop-Pune in 2015.


  • 2014 11/05 - 2014 11/30

    One Has Said That...

    Starting with the words  one has said that... , the audience are presented to the historical background of the exhibition site. The true identity of that someone is never actually revealed. As the main theme of this exhibition, that “someone” does not necessarily represent........