SHE Wen-Ying

Born in 1989, She Wen-Ying currently lives and creates artworks in Taipei. Her past work mostly came from observation on people and objects in everyday life, the relationship and the distance between people and space...etc. She was curious about the distinguishing linguistic context which contained privacy and variation within, and she presented the imagination of the relationship between female point of view of the environment and the objects. Recently, she has emphasized on thinking about the procedural content which is unseeingly practiced behind the gradually systematic and completely constructed mechanism, and picking up on the fragments of environmental and memorial archives, setting off on the journey of pursuing reality.

She has co-participated in international exchange exhibitions and performances with Kuo Po-Yu, such as FARKASKŐ NBME Nature Art Symposium, an artist-in-residence program in Noszvaj, Hungary, and《CK07N030 2009 01 07.42981.220470 0.998894 136.6077 338.2806 178.3758 20150627 6.5 4.0 : C/2007 N3》, a project completed when Indonesian artist Venzha Crist visited Lulin Observatory.


  • 2016 01/09 - 2016 01/31

    Certified Copy - Kuo Po-Yu and She Wen-Ying Duo Exhibition San-Tin-Hái-Bī Art Studio

    This exhibition is an examination and presentation of the creative environment and the personal relationship of the two artists since their establishment of the “San-Tin-Hái-Bī Studio”. “San-Tin-Hái-Bī” is a phrase written in cursive script on a spring festival couplet that a former resident left, inscribed with good fortune. A deeply...