TSAI Wan Shuen

TSAI Wan Shuen grew up in the archipelago of Penghu, Taiwan. Studied and lived in France during several years and nowadays settled in the region of Taipei. Her artwork is shared between mixed-media installation, drawing, video and poetry. Her installations are ephemeral and constitutes a specific relationship to the physical space and architecture. Her image creation suggests an opening of narration and transforms a landscape into a mental space. She has published poetry collection titled Tide (2006), and A Collection Of Poems and Drawings (2013).


In parallel of her personal projects, she collaborates since 2004 with sound artist Yannick Dauby under the group name Shijingren, focusing on audio-visual works about landscape. This project has been invited by artist residencies in France, Taiwan and Estonia and presented site-specific exhibitions, publications, video pieces and small performances. In recent years, they also expand to working with areas in the fringe of the arts, such as, the intersection of community and the arts, and collaborations with other professionals in the arts and humanity disciplines. In 2008, they founded Atelier Hui-Kan developing activities related to pedagogy, publication and communities.




  • 2014 11/05 - 2014 11/30

    One Has Said That...

    Starting with the words  one has said that... , the audience are presented to the historical background of the exhibition site. The true identity of that someone is never actually revealed. As the main theme of this exhibition, that “someone” does not necessarily represent........