Kosuke Ikeda

Kosuke Ikeda was born in 1980 in Fukuoka, Japan, and currently lives and works in Tokyo. He has graduated with an MFA Inter Media Art from Tokyo University of the Arts. Ikeda has developed his work mainly around his interest in natural phenomena, ecology and energy while exploring various forms of artwork such as installation, relief-style painting, and site-specific projects. He is a recipient of the fellowship by Pola Art Foundation in 2015, and will stay in Taipei from June 2015 to June 2016 while developing several projects including his research on the Sunflower Movement of 2014.


In recent years in Taiwan Ikeda has exhibited a series of work entitled Ecosystem of Objects which deals with the relationship between site-specific objects and energy. In this series, he has developed the Fukushima version at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in 2014, and the Tainan version at Absolute Space for the Arts in 2015.


During his stay in OCAC, Ikeda has focused on food stands called TANZU as a unique local business form. Through the collaboration with members in and around OCAC, he made a new video work questioning the relationship between the local economic activities and the global condition of economy and society.


  • 2015 08/29 - 2015 10/04

    Exform : Taipei - Kosuke Ikeda

    In Taipei, there remains a rich black in the night. Every night, food stands repeatedly gather and part, making a cluster of lights which are a little vulgar and ununified. But when you step away from the crowded streets, you come across narrow labyrinthine alleys filled with deep darkness in contrast to the vibrant...

  • 2015 10/03 - 2015 10/03

    The Raft of the Medusa - Artist in the Unknown Journey

    Exform-Taipei, the solo exhibition of Kosuke Ikeda, will soon be rounded off on Sunday, Oct. 4th, which implies Mr. Ikeda’s one-year project in Taiwan has come to the end of the period in Open Contemporary Art Center (OCAC). In memory of the event, a symposium is arranged to proceed on Sunday, Oct. 3rd, at 15:00, located in OCAC for artist sharing. The OCAC member, Lo Shih Tung, who has been engaged in short-term project in Burma, Japan and Malaysia over the past few years, and Rikey Tēnn, the founder of the cyber platform, No Man’s Land, are both the invited guests in this event .