2015 05/30 - 2015 05/30

Maqué, ma Cail

My grandfather always called my grandmother that way,  Maqué, ma Cail. These two words are memories that I cherish. They are directly related to the genesis of my artistic thought: remembering and sharing my personal experience through the vehicle of situations, tests, installations or special events producing a shift towards a collective memory and, offering an artistic experimentation.


An Intuition, special taste for the unexpected, will take shape through a game with the situation through performances, readings or other interventions. The main goal of this process is to immerse ourselves in uncertain positions opening a new way of thinking: the forms’ analysis built by encounters, exchanges and hospitality in that case. My project comes from a perception. While I am purposeless walking down the streets of Taipei, the colourful notes of the Lu bian tan(路邊攤), come to me as modests and disciplined real beauties. Popular representations of a culture, gourmet centers, commercial and local resourcefulness very much alive places… Moving structures optimized to produce, sell, and leave.Constructions touched by a graceful simplicity... I feel a deep fascination for these mobile places. They remember me, maybe unconsciously, the fishermen's huts of the "pointe" (an area of Sète, hometown). Aesthetic balance made up of nothing, which often happened to me to contemplate, affected by the fragile side of these unique infrastructures weakened by years, mixing together weakness and robust forms.My desire is to immerse myself into this particular aesthetic to each of these "laboratories, production platforms and urban infrastructures" .

My project is built in two parts.

First step: building my own Lu bian tan(路邊攤).

Secondly, the proposal of a unique culinary experience through the development of one of my home’s specialty (Sète) in this Tänfàn, a local place for mixing cultures.


Artist|BAUER Dorian



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    Born in 1988, France,  graduated from National art School of Paris(École Supérieure Nationale des Beaux Arts), Workshop Elsa Cayo specializations: video, volume and installations. 2009 - 2012 Art School (École Supérieure d'Art),  AixenProvence,France Undergraduate degree “National art degree”.

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