2009 09/26 - 2009 10/18

POST.O : The Reverse of TOPOS

The curatorial project “POST.O” was presented in multiple locations: Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, Garden City Publishers, Atelier New Day St., and Shitiping tribe, Hualien. There were 13 individual/group of local and international artists involved. Besides exhibition, there was also a cruise action. This circular trip started from Tamsui, travelled through Siziwan, Kaohsiung, to Dagangkou, Hualien, then back to Tamsui Port. Through this action of circling the sites around the main island, it reviewed the fact of “TOPOS”. 


The concept of “POST-O” was not avantgarde, nor was it a topic from international art scene. It started to form through thinking about possibilities amongst artists, and the contextual quality within the arts. First was to challenge the concept of an “exhibition site”. “POST-O” formed its imagination around this concept. It was neither a single exhibition site, nor multiple exhibition sites; it was about “the formation of exhibition sites”. We started with Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, and the resources and power connections around MOCA Taipei, to create “sub-structures”. These were: MOCA Plaza, MOCA Studio, Zhongshan Metro Mall for Books, Garden City Publishers, Yeh Wei-Li’s Atelier New Day St., POST.O Maru, Art Zone Dagangkou. Artists or artist groups each worked on extended projects of “TOPOS”; including the topo of “local field work”, topo of “memories of history”, topos of “legend” or “sci-fi”; topo of site-specific actions in international collaborations; topos of expressing space for living or shifts of identity; topos of virtual lives and living in foreign land; topo in connecting with “plug-in”; topos of message exchanges or displays (in charge by the curatorial team); last, the possibilities of time in working with topos. This could be executed in various extensions in platforms and events. All these efforts were to “re-form” discussions. Further more, discussions could be a form of topo document: this is the beginning point of “cal-curating”. 


  • 2013 09/26 - 2013 09/26

    Grammararianism : Trends in Contemporary Videography Artists Forum

    Curator Jian Li-Ting organised an exhibition titled Grammararianism: Trends in Contemporary Videography, with three subtopics in the exhibition: “Video as document of a performance”, “Echoes of film”, “Spatial images and objects”. This exhibition illustrates contemporary video art and its interdisciplinary...

  • 2004 12/18 - 2004 12/30

    Technology Art

    I - Image: technology arts often explore the forms and qualities of images combining technology based machines. To support the re-representation of images we often have to work the computer as an engineer. While constructing, the intervention of tools and new softwares development, and the complex machine languages and image formation become the subject of artmaking.   

  • 2012 10/13 - 2012 10/13

    OCAC via P.P.T. Salon Bangkok #3

    On the occasion of the via P.P.T. salon #3, OCAC Bangkok has invited Hsu Chia-Wei , Taiwanese artist and Jakrawal Nilthamrong, Thai artist to introduce their works. Both of them focus on narration within history, voyage, and fiction to produce film and video work.