2010 04/22 - 2010 05/28

URBAN CO. : Good Laborers “Please, Offer Me A Temporary Job!”

We are concerned about the fragments of urban changes which take place in our surroundings. In this new emerging art block, Urban Core, an assemblage of artists make up Urban Co., a temporary group to take actions and records. Through practice, artists as activists try to define the possibility of their positions in location, space, and the city. How does artists present themselves as practitioners of action? How do they practice their relationship with the society as a whole? 


“Good laborers” action group will act as temporary labor agency for specific clients - those shops or residences who have not yet moved away within the zones of Urban Core arts district. They exchange with the community as temporary laborers to document times of change in this area. We use our familiar tools to document our observation of these moments in urban development. We hope to come to some common construction with the community on site before the deadline.


  • 2015 05/30 - 2015 05/30

    Maqué, ma Cail

    An Intuition, special taste for the unexpected, will take shape through a game with the situation through performances, readings or other interventions. The main goal of this process is to immerse ourselves in uncertain positions opening a new way of thinking: the forms’ analysis built by encounters, exchanges and hospitality in that case. My project comes from a perception.

  • 2016 06/12 - 2016 06/12

    Notes from Yogyakarta - Chen Chia-Jen Residency Sharing

    In the evening, a small vender serving with a small dim light sitting outside of tourist area - I find myself eating hot chicken fried rice sitting on the sidewalk. I cannot describe the visual presentation of the food, but the taste is quite good. Often I see chickens ‘wandering’ on the road. Just in front of the lobby, three white feathered chicken passing...

  • 2016 09/02 - 2016 09/02

    Kong Dara Open Studio

    Kong Dara’s residency project at OCAC is centred around the themes of queer lives. He continues to develop and create a personalised Taipei City map, structuring around his own experience as a gay person from Cambodia. He sketch out his complex experiences, emotions, and memories through pen, in order to find his personal and individual art perspective.