2010 05/29 - 2010 07/02

Around Us - Chiu Chen-Hung Solo Exhibition

The work Around Us is like a journey. Chiu Chen-Hung discovered a bunch of thrown away mine carts by chance, abandoned in a place called “Hoping Marble Mine” in the eastern mountain areas of Taiwan. In the past, these carts were not only used for transport, but also as working stations for the miners to mend imperfect diamonds. These carts appeared similar, without outstanding features; they felt the lack of any design look, and was given purely functional structuring. Chiu Chen-Hung derusted and fixed up these imperfect and abandoned carts, and pasted golden leaves on the bodies.


At the same time, Chiu Chen-Hung started another project inside Hoping Marble Mine. He handmade some letter paper mixing some golden leaves on the surface. Then he gifted these golden leaves letter paper to an Indonesian labourer who works in the Mine to write and post to her home. Before the letters were posted, they were re-printed into multiple large curtains, and co-exhibited with the carts in the space at the end.

For Chiu Chen-Hung, the action of pasting golden leaves on the carts with intensive labour and energy, the process was as if bringing the objects to a certain spiritualisation, like Saints in churches. In making these letters into large hanging curtains, besides transforming memory and text into certain physical objects, Chiu Chen-Hung also tried to co-produce these objects (letters) with shared intentions. At the same time, they became each other’s participants and formed a special bond. The text at this point in time, extended beyond the relationship of time and distance. By reconstructing the relationships of his surrounding people and objects, Chiu Chen-Hung engrave the memory of the site into his work. Thus creating certain future form monument.


  • 2017 05/17 - 2017 05/27

    An Act of Showing : ARIs and Place

    Set as a material conversation between Artist Run Initiatives (ARIs) and Aboriginal Art Centres in Australia and the Asia-Pacific, this project embodies and provokes conversations about place: How does place matter for artists? Why do ARIs exist in specific places? What is the place of practice?Writer Chris Kraus’s  radical localism points to the importance of the local places of art-making compared to global-centrism noting that ARIs create 'an opportunity to remain in one’s own community and assert an alternative ethos.

  • 2011 09/10 - 2011 10/16

    Annual : Shifting, Rapidly or Very Slowly - Lo Shih-Tung Solo Exhibition

    “Annual”, a quantitive word that can be both short and long, rapid and slow. It is both a short time, and a lasting time. In this noun that seems to be extremely past-tense, but also future-tense, it is about how individual’s point of view or viewpoint responds to the issues (events, sites) of the world. This exhibition happens in September 2011...

  • 2016 01/09 - 2016 01/31

    Certified Copy - Kuo Po-Yu and She Wen-Ying Duo Exhibition San-Tin-Hái-Bī Art Studio

    This exhibition is an examination and presentation of the creative environment and the personal relationship of the two artists since their establishment of the “San-Tin-Hái-Bī Studio”. “San-Tin-Hái-Bī” is a phrase written in cursive script on a spring festival couplet that a former resident left, inscribed with good fortune. A deeply...