2013 02/01 - 2013 02/01

THAITAI FEVER - STAGE 3 | how to fix a leaky roof in rainy days

All things are impermanent, carry on decaying and vanishing toward an oblivion and non-existence condition. While we accept and compromise the deterioration, we keep in mind about maintenance, not for a neat appearance but to expand the relationship between human, among scattered forms, and to overcome the conscious mind which was fully engaged.


Through the 6 month interrelated experience that occurred here at the OCAC, within the dimension of space and time, it has built a relationship between each different composition inside itself…

This 3rd stage is not only the conversation between space and its proprietor, but also the come-and-go, completed-or-unfinished fiction of every single space traveler.

From 15 August 2012 to 15 February 2013 is the duration of OCAC Bangkok Project. Reviewing this move-in journey from its commencement to the end, there is achievement of material collecting and community connection, while there are still more left to be finished. However, what is more important for us is to remember all the participants we met during the time.

The repair process here also refers to the reading and the maintenance of this space. Therefore, we endeavored to invite each artist and friend who has ever participated in ThaiTai project and the OCAC Bangkok project to join the process. No matter what special roles they played, providing technical profession, creation or simply manpower, we worked together to repair the historical spots left and caused by OCAC move-in project, many ever-hold exhibitions and events.

In this case, the space or building here stands for a media. Summoning its time, the narratives described through having relationship between the participants and stories happened, will be presented in the one-day exhibition together with its opening on 1st February, consists both actual and its fiction during OCAC’s journey.


  • 2013 06/22 - 2013 06/22

    Exhibition, No More? OCAC : The flow of noise breaking

    Between 2011 to 2013, OCAC went through a special trek in zones of Thailand-Taiwan. This is not only the exchanges between people, concepts and practices, but also finding new definitions in the possibilities of an art space. After returning from South East Asia, we not only continue the contemporary art exchanges between Thailand-Taiwan

  • 2014 02/07 - 2014 04/06

    ThaiTai Fever - After and Before a Meeting

    The title of the last exhibition in Bangkok from OCAC was How to fix a leaking roof in rainy days?. This title speaks the multilayered concept of “relationship”, while OCAC was in residence in Bangkok for six months. It also questions while an exchange is in process, how do we compile in order to present...


  • 2009 09/26 - 2009 10/18

    POST.O : The Reverse of TOPOS

    The curatorial project “POST.O” was presented in multiple locations: Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, Garden City Publishers, Atelier New Day St., and Shitiping tribe, Hualien. There were 13 individual/group of local and international artists involved. Besides exhibition, there was also a cruise action.