2009 07/11 - 2009 08/08

Dandy & Angel

The exhibition titled with two children’s names Dandy & Angel is located at the Open Contemporary Art Center, spreading a summer-day religious atmosphere in this independent art space. The whole space is presented in a kind of a seemingly garden-like site, decorated with red and yellow duo-colour flags. We can also see some miracle-like scenes: a pole with the growth of leaves and flowers, a crocodile in crocodile suit, Santo Nino (Christ Child), a small cottage full of colours, long plaits of female hair, a map for a lost tribe.


Dandy & Angel give a toast to the silent crow under heated sun in modern urban surroundings, “every moment in our daily life is worth celebrating! With a jolly but melancholy tone, let’s watch how Dandy & Angel switch on the “Animal Planet” channel with an anthropology lense”.


Some fragmented or layered pieces become an intimacy ceremony, with hoorays for each single piece while placing and manipulating them.


Artists: Divina B. Liu, Hsu Chia-Wei, Liu Chien-Wei, Lee Jo-Mei


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