2007 11/07 - 2007 12/09

Looking ‧ Souvenir: Artists Images

It’s a kind of warmth from freshly baked bread, an invitation, an observation, a change and a test for adventuring hearts. After experiencing an information overload from artistic fulfillment mixed with the growth and exhaustion from long travels, artists have a small part in their heart that is slowly changing, building and settling down, as if fermenting in butterfly effects.    


The summer of 2007, many artists in OCAC caught the contemporary art happenings in Europe (such as Venice Biennale, Kassel Documenta, Sculpture Projects Münster and Art Basel). Along the way, they also visited many arts related organisations like contemporary and modern art museums, galleries, artists studios and research labs, foundations, etc, in compliance. The exhibition in Café Noir invited these artists in these foundations. No matter what their usual subjects of arts critics, they use “images” as their medium, with a reviewing attitude in resident or rest in their own artistic circle. It’s not just poetic narrative or collage of symbols from their travels. It is calling for all kinds of artists’ responses to art-making themselves, our present time, and the contemporary art structures; also a proposal for viewing (objectively) images in arts.


Or, have a cup of coffee, and exhale. Just see it as a small game of images.  


Exhibition Dates: 2007/11/07 - 12/01

Artists: Wang Ho-Hsuan, Lee Jo-Mei, Shi Pei-Jun, Chen Chang-Chih, Liu Chien-Wei, Lo Shih-Tung


Exhibition dates: 2007/12/05 - 12/29

Artists: Wang Hui-Ying, Lee Chen-Yang, Fan Hsiao-Lan, Xu Jian-Yu, Huang Chun-Chen, Liu Yu-Cheng, Liu Ji-Yi  


Exhibition Venue: Café Noir


  • 2010 09/08 - 2010 11/05

    Biennial Scope

    Open Contemporary was invited to be part of Taipei Biennial 2010, and created project Biennial Scope for Taipei Biennial. There are three stages to the project, first and second stages was completed along with the end of Taipei Biennial exhibition. The third stage is a publication project.

  • 2016 05/03 - 2016 05/07

    Sweet Water - Chen Chia-Jen Solo Exhibition

    Sweetwater is Chen Chia-Jen’s public showcase in Taiwan that features works inspired by a residency program in Indonesia. During the residency, the artist focused his investigation on rivers flowing through the city as well as different ways of life within urban and rural water systems. A few video and photographic installation pieces are selected to demonstrate his observatio...

  • 2009 07/11 - 2009 08/08

    Dandy & Angel

    The exhibition titled with two children’s names Dandy & Angel is located at the Open Contemporary Art Center, spreading a summer-day religious atmosphere in this independent art space. The whole space is presented in a kind of a seemingly garden-like site, decorated with red and yellow duo-colour flags.