2018 09/09 - 2018 09/30

Nanyang Radio Station: Audio Tour for 228 Peace Memorial Park

Audio Tour for 228 Peace Memorial Park

“ Through these narrators and the audio guide on the New Park/228 Memorial Park, I would like to propose a way of imagining worldview from listening to personal narratives of the displaced. " (Syafiatudina)

During her residency in Taipei, Syafiatudina has been looking for archives and references on the connection of Indonesia and Taiwan, both historically and contemporary. This search had brought her to museums and libraries. She has been flipping through books about the Dutch and Japan colonial regime in Taiwan while tried to compare it with the colonial time of Indonesia. Though the archives and references on Taiwan-Indonesia connection are not only stored in library and museum. The narrations of the two regions’ relation are embedded, yet also fragmented, in the city landscape and its inhabitants. In this regard, she has developed interest on the Taipei’s New Park (or what’s known now as 228 Memorial Park) because of its historical and political significance which spans through different regimes in Taiwan up until now.

Nanyang Radio Station: An Audio Guide for 228 Peace Memorial Park" was proposed as an audio guide for KUNCI Radio in November 2017, by Indonesian artist Syafiatudina of NML Residency & Nusantara Archive Project. In 2018, Nusantara Archive and OCAC co-curate the exhibition PETAMU Project in which her original scripts of the audio is interpreted into the real guide, and Wu Ting-Kuan (Taiwan), Linda Linarta (Indonesia), Au Sow-Yee (Malaysia) are invited as the voice-overs for the guide, along with bilingual guide tours collaborating with National Taiwan Museum during the exhibition. The text were based on the artist's research the knowledge sourced during the residency, including the passage regarding the activists of "No Outsider" witnessed on International Migrants Day in December 2017.

Organizer : OCAC, NML Residency & Nusantara Archive Project
Co-organizer : National Taiwan Museum


("English Guide" session)
ღ Event Time : 9/9 (SUN) , 9/30 (SUN) 2:30 PM
ღ Meeting Point : Exit 4 of National Taiwan University Hospital Metro Station
ღ Registration Link: https://goo.gl/uhwsxS



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