The Artists Village (TAV)


What is the nature of the organization, for how long has it been around and what are its set goals?

The Artists Village (TAV) is a contemporary art group in Singapore. Founded by contemporary artist Tang Da Wu in 1988 at 61-B Lorong Gambas in Sembawang. He enabled like-minded contemporary artists to critically re-look and examine existing assumptions, values and concepts of art making in Singapore. The Artists Village was Singapore's first artist colony, which enables artists to explore radical new ways and ideologies in making art that is in synch with the societal changes and state affairs in the late 1980's. From 1989 onwards, the village came alive with avant-garde performances and art exhibitions with 7 art shows that year. At the height of the village history, The Artists Village housed 35 artists with 50 other artists participating in other art activities organised by the village. In 1990, The Artists Village organised a 24-hour art event called The Time Show. It brought together artists working in all forms of multimedia in one art show. Sadly that same year, the village's land was repossessed by the Singapore Government for urban development.


Its objects are to foster and develop an increased consciousness of the importance of the arts and their contribution to Singapore society. This to be achieved by engaging in active dialogue with the public through the production and exposition of works of art.



What kind of events have you ever done?

Visual arts exhibitions, performance art events, video and sound art events, art talks and forums, artist-in-residency programmes (Pulau Ubin Artists-In-Residency Programme, partnership discontinued)



What kind of expectations do you have for the development of local contemporary art?

Develop and engage in awareness and the relevance of contemporary art practices and discourse in the context of Singapore, and continue to create bridges to network work overseas artists and art groups that share the similar artistic and cultural issues in the regional and global concerns, so as to raise the profile of Singapore art in the international landscapes.


Have you ever worked with other art spaces?

Recently, for (CON)TEMPORARY OSMOSIS – Audiovisual Media Festival 2015 (Urich Lau as co-curator for The Artists Village video screening), with tamtamART Taipei). TAV Show, 2013 (Co-curated and presented with Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore.


Please, describe briefly your organization. Are all members artists?

All members consist of artists, curators/organisers and art educators. 



Do you have a space? Is it open for everyone to visit?
Currently we have no space, we operate on project basis.


Anything else you would like to comment in addition?

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