Chiangmai Art Converstion (CAC)



Chiangmai Art Converstion (CAC) is a nonprofit artist-run initiative that was founded in Chiang Mai, Thailand in January 2013. Our main objective is to provide art information. In order to make this available, we are creating an online art system contains art map of art spaces, events, and other useful Chiang Mai art data. Our online efforts aim to reflect history and also predict the future of art scene in Chiang Mai through data bank. However, we do encourage and build physical connection and interaction in a form of various activities to further the growth of the art community and its public audience.



What is the nature of the organization, for how long has it been around and what are its set goals?

It started in 2013. The goal is to promote the potential of the arts, contemporary artists and other fields related to management and art spaces in the Chiang Mai Province. The CAC aims to act as art information center of Chiang Mai, but keen on to expand the boundary to Asian countries.  


What kind of events have you ever done?

Talks, symposium, film festival and art exhibition



What kind of expectations do you have for the development of local contemporary art?

We hope through our events and activities, it will help local art workers improve their practice, extend their networks or get recognized by local and international art sphere.



Have you ever worked with other art spaces?

Yes, it depends on character of each project/event.


Do you have a space? Is it open for everyone to visit?

Yes, we just have a space since August 2016 and it opens to commoner to visit and join our event.


In general, who takes care of the space?

There is one person who works as our administrator assistant and reception who take care of the space.



Anything else you would like to comment in addition?

Please visit our website for more info at

Please feel free to learn about our long term co-organized project with Japan Foundation Asia Center, Asian Culture Station at



E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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