SHIN Pei-Chun

After graduating from the Taipei National University of the Arts, Shih Pei Chun continued her studies in the Department of Architecture at National Chiao Tung University. Her work spans photography, installation, architectural proposals and planning. It is worth noting that “On the road to Hsinchu” at Yeh Wei-Li’s studio (New Day Street) and the project “19991221>20130421 part 1” with Open-Contemporary Art Center, Shih “constructs” a temporary “swing” for both works. From her statement, one finds that she describes the swing as both an anchored (fixed), but also swinging, and unstable architectural element.


“Swing” exists between the background and thinking of architecture and art for Shih, but is also reflective of her involvement with Open-Contemporary Art Center and relocation/moving from Taipei to Bangkok. Through labor, design, and construction, one must ask: What is the background of a space and the foundation of a place?