LIN Wen-Tsao

Wen-Tsao Lin is a full-time artist with BFA degree from the California State University, Long Beach, USA. He emphasized in photography, painting, drawing and mixed media installations. He is currently based in Taipei, Taiwan.


He is mainly interested on manipulating symbolisms and functions of abstract elements. Using traditional rendering and formal elements such as color, shape and other various methods, he attempts to transform abstract images to represent or symbolize his own space, ideas or authority. Recently, he began to make a series of works that partly include the reading and visual experience; exploring one’s daily life through fields, spaces, sounds and its absence. His fascination for space, life and the natural environment of the city, coupled with math and the geometry of abstraction help situate his creations. Observing and comparing the environmental and social ecology in people's lives are also part of his creative concerns. He has been invited to the Huilan International Art Workshop and also participated in the open studio at the Taipei Artist Village. 2012, he received the Vermont Studio Center International Artist and writer Fellowship in the United States. From 2013 to 2014, he has coordinated the lecture series of the Bamboo Curtain Studio. His works have been published in: Art Collection + Design, Artioude, Chinese Contemporary Art News and Art plus.