Chien Hsing

My work and its practice have always been from the qualities of household objects. Through everyday appliances, a certain emotional atmosphere from personal experience will spread. From my point of view, life, memory and objects are like a complete cycle and I have constantly experimenting on how to convey this relationship through art form. The looping of video, the looping of space and the looping of object are the examples of this form and its goal is to find out the possibilities of transforming the above into art. Therefore, the task of my practice is about how to present or even enter the system, which I have discussed earlier, and to discover its actual form.  


During the process of making my works, I have been communicating with different subjects from different industries and discovered their stories. What I am focus on is how individuals are transforming and moving within our society and let it becomes my creative method and perspective. Meanwhile, I am also pulling myself away from the relationship of artist and his work. As an artist, I am not just having conversations with the public but also learning from them. It also keeps me thinking about how to find the voice for the individual industries under the topic of art so they can gain attentions from different fields.