KAO hsuan

Kao Hsuan was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1990. She graduated from the National Taiwan University of Arts in 2013. Ideas for her works are often derived from experiences, senses, and perceptions in life, and are ways to examining mundane details in everyday encounters. She often utilizes methods of painting, video, sculpture, and installation to document and transform snippets of her life, tearing tenuous moments down and reconstructing them into poetic, diligent forms. Kao’s works before 2013 are primarily two-dimensional: The lateral woman, Ideology, Untitled, and vaginal are all pieces reflecting her own bodily states. In 2014, Kao began a long-term project titled Dictionary date- A to Z. It is an ongoing project containing poems written for herself. Disguised in English alphabets and sketches that house fragments (scenes) of her consciousness, everyday experiences are made into a journal of inspiration to document the artist’s self. There is no longer a specific way of making anymore.




  • 2016 05/21 - 2016 07/03

    Open Contemporary Album 2016

    Open Contemporary Album 2016 is a creative collaboration among nine members of the Open Contemporary Art Center. The lack of a specific title for the exhibition offers an chance to reflect upon how an artist, as part of a co-run organization, constructs a relationship with other members through his or her own art practice.