Anang Saptoto

Anang Saptoto has been experimenting with an approach called anamorphic imaging also known as perspective projection since 3 years ago. The approach allows the artist to exercise a variety of site- specific point of view based on distance and angles, while the practice itself resulting optical illusion in each presentation.

The process usually begins with deciding images based on Anang’s personal documentation or findings from newspaper clippings or archive. Anang is especially keen on working with images from the past preferably with historical background that people can relate to. He has been using mural as medium and land the projection on surfaces such as wall, floor and even parts of ceiling to roof. Recently, his attempt was applying the projection as drawing on paper, photography, digital print and collage of carpeting materials.

Working with images from the past and archives is a strategic decision. It mainly serves to the artist’s intention to create an exaggerated viewing experience of image or documentation. Like history itself is naturally distorted and at the same time enhanced, depending on one’s way of looking.


  • 2016 06/12 - 2016 06/12

    Notes from Yogyakarta - Chen Chia-Jen Residency Sharing

    In the evening, a small vender serving with a small dim light sitting outside of tourist area - I find myself eating hot chicken fried rice sitting on the sidewalk. I cannot describe the visual presentation of the food, but the taste is quite good. Often I see chickens ‘wandering’ on the road. Just in front of the lobby, three white feathered chicken passing...

  • 2016 07/09 - 2016 07/10

    CO - TEMPORARY : Southeast Asia - Taiwan Forum and Exchange Program on Arts and Culture

    We invite six essential art spaces from Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, which includes artist residency organizations, galleries and artist-based spaces. The common issue is that how the conditions of different countries, religious, culture, economy and geography influence the ecosystem of art.

  • 2016 05/15 - 2016 07/13

    CO - TEMPORARY #1 overview : OCAC X Mes56

    From May to July 2016, OCAC invited Anang Saptoto and Yudha Kusuma Putera to live, work and networking in Taipei for the CO—TEMPORARY: Southeast Asia - Taiwan Forum and Exchange Program on Arts and Culture program. Anang Saptoto and Theodora Agni were also invited to represent Ruang MES 56 and Cemeti Art House as the speakers for a discussion forum from 9 to 10 July 2016.