CHIU Chao-Tsai

Chiu Chao-Tsai was born in Miaoli, Taiwan in 1977. He obtained his M. F. A. degree from Taipei National University of the Arts. Chiu currently lives and works in Taipei.

Chiu's work focuses on interactive mechanism. He considers 'interaction' as the core concept. An interactive mechanism is embedded in the work, and through the involvement of its audience, the structure of the work deviates from its usual rigid form and becomes dynamic and ever-changing , providing the audience an instant feedback. Chiu hopes that the mechanism will create a more reciprocal relationship between the work and its audience and thus the latter gains a sense of release from reality, or more, to fulfill one's desire to manipulate and control.

Chiu's solo exhibitions include The Counterattack of Fatigue at National Central University Art Center, Zhongli ,2102; The World of Fatigue at VT Artsalon, Taipei, 2009; The Object Park of Gravity at Hong-Gah Museum, Taipei, 2004. The group exhibitions include Republic without People at Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung , 2011; Memories and Beyond- Kuandu Biennale at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts,Taipei, 2010;Dream in a contemporary Secret Garden at Chelsea Art Museum / Taipei Cultural Center of TECO in New York, New York, 2009; Speak-Describe - Cross-Strait Contemporary Art at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, 2009; Bubble Tea -Art of Taiwan and Its Contemporary Mutations at Moravian Gallery, Brno,Czech, 2008, and etc. 


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