BAUER Dorian

Born in 1988, France,  graduated from National art School of Paris(École Supérieure Nationale des Beaux Arts), Workshop Elsa Cayo specializations: video, volume and installations. 2009 - 2012 Art School (École Supérieure d'Art),  AixenProvence,France Undergraduate degree “National art degree”.



October 2014
FIAC 2014, Tuileries Paris, France
Artist Assistant Jean Denant,
“Assumptiom of the giant impact”

September 2014
Art Center “Le Carreau”, Cergy, France
Artist Assistant Nicolas Durand, Exhibition “Crossing”, scenography

Slick Art Fair 2014, Paris, France
Assistant Laure Roynette Art Gallery

February 2014
Exhibition “The borrowed shape”
(“La forme empruntée”), Paris, France
Artist Assistant Estelà Alliaud,

January 2014
Exhibition” Gesture wood paper”, Espace Van Gogh, Arles, France
Artist Assistant


  • 2015 05/30 - 2015 05/30

    Maqué, ma Cail

    An Intuition, special taste for the unexpected, will take shape through a game with the situation through performances, readings or other interventions. The main goal of this process is to immerse ourselves in uncertain positions opening a new way of thinking: the forms’ analysis built by encounters, exchanges and hospitality in that case. My project comes from a perception.