Theodora Agni (b. 1983) graduated from The Social Sciences and Political Sciences Faculty, majoring in Communication Studies at the Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The similar practices and theoretical reflections between contemporary art and communication studies encouraged her to work in the art management field. She has been developing her experience...


Anang Saptoto has been experimenting with an approach called anamorphic imaging also known as perspective projection since 3 years ago. The approach allows the artist to exercise a variety of site- specific point of view based on distance and angles, while the practice itself resulting optical illusion in each presentation.

Jia Jhen

Syu was trained in and has developed his practice on the field of sculpture. He expresses no particular inclination towards a specific direction or topic for investigation, but makes work in response to different readings, life experiences, or ideas derived from the unveiling of various projects.


Born 1977. Jakrawal got an MFA in Art and Technology from the Art Institute of Chicago. From 2009 until now he has been a lecturer on Film Subject at the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, Thammasat University.

Chi Wei

Lin Chiwei has received training in literature, anthropology and fine art. He creates sound works with the participation of the audience. Lin was the co-founding member of Zero and Sound Liberation Organization (Z.S.L.O.), the first noise group in Taiwan.


Wan Shu-Yun was born in Taichung, Taiwan and earned Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan. She is currently studying Fine Arts in Taipei National University of the Arts in Taiwan.


Noa Yekutieli was born in California (USA) in 1989 and immigrated to Israel as a young child. Yekutieli lives and works in Tel Aviv (Israel).

''I see myself as a memory researcher who comes to life as a visual artist. My work aims to take the viewer through a personal memory quest...


Morris was born in Kaohsiung in 1987, and currently resides in Taipei. Graduated from the department of visual communication design of Taiwan University of Arts, Morris is now a member of Open Contemporary Art Center. Morris also serves as the head of J&M food Lab and the marketing design consultant of Le Maison Boutique. Apart from her routine design undertaking, Morris has begun developing in the sphere of artistic design.


The concept LEE Jo-Mei’s practice illustrates perception and its transformation throughout the daily experience so as to depict how we gaze on the texture of everyday life to explore the sense of memory’s own landscape. By using various methods and media to process memory through recording and transformation, it allows our accustomed experiences...


Based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Was ever invited to Asian Art Biennial in 2013 by National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Venzha Christ’s personal works focus on new media art.


Kao Hsuan was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1990. She graduated from the National Taiwan University of Arts in 2013. Ideas for her works are often derived from experiences, senses, and perceptions in life, and are ways to examining mundane details in everyday encounters. She often utilizes methods of painting, video, sculpture, and installation to document and transform...


Yu-Ping Guo was born in Taiwan, and graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts in 2008. She currently lives and works in Taipei. Her creation lies in between experimental animation and contemporary art, and treats her real-life experiences and the complex colonial history of Asia as the subject matters.

Chien Hsing

My work and its practice have always been from the qualities of household objects. Through everyday appliances, a certain emotional atmosphere from personal experience will spread. From my point of view, life, memory and objects are like a complete cycle and I have constantly experimenting on how to convey...


CHOU Yu-Cheng (born 1976, Taipei) studied at the l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris, and the research program - La Seine. He specializes in the interplay between aesthetics and society. His works emphasize the working process behind visual aesthetics with a focus on producing alternative modes...


Chi Kai-Yuan (b. 1983) was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and received a Master of Arts at the National Changhua University of Education. Chi’s work concerns space, objects, and mass public. In daily situations, these things are the vibes to inspire creativity...


Wen-Tsao Lin is a full-time artist with BFA degree from the California State University, Long Beach, USA. He emphasized in photography, painting, drawing and mixed media installations. He is currently based in Taipei, Taiwan.


After graduating from the Taipei National University of the Arts, Shih Pei Chun continued her studies in the Department of Architecture at National Chiao Tung University. Her work spans photography, installation, architectural proposals and planning.


Chang, En-Man Born in Taitung, Taiwan. Lives and works in Taipei. At the beginning, the artist's identity triggered her aspirations to embark on a journey across the island. Through the returning visit to the aboriginal tribes and experiencing the social geographical


Kosuke Ikeda was born in 1980 in Fukuoka, Japan, and currently lives and works in Tokyo. He has graduated with an MFA Inter Media Art from Tokyo University of the Arts. Ikeda has developed his work mainly around his interest in natural phenomena,


LO Shih Tung, born in 1983, graduated from National Taiwan University of the Arts, Graduate School of Plastic Arts. He currently lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan. Lo focuses on the special textures present in our daily life, seeing them as in Walter Benjamin’s discourse — fragments ......